About Us

This site finandtech.com was started by a software engineer who loves tinkering with technology and also loves personal finance.

The articles on this site cover a wide range of items from technology to trading stock options and cryptocurrency.

On the technology side, I love tinkering with things like raspberry pi and working on various cloud technology projects. Additionally, since I work for a software company, some of the articles I publish will deal with topics that are required to do my job. Some of the topics covered took quite a bit of research and time to figure out, so I wanted to publish them for others to reference.

On the personal finance side, I am primarily involved with long term investing. A large percentage of my net worth is invested in ETFs and index funds. A small portion is set aside for higher risk investments such as options trading and cryptocurrency. I intend to share some examples of how I invest my money, but these are my personal opinion only. I am not a financial advisor. See the disclaimer for full details.